The management team at M&L Legal Marketing and Management is committed to providing information and tools that personal injury law firms can use grow their practices. Our overriding goal is simple – our aim is to provide an atmosphere where ideas and experiences are candidly shared and discussed among experts and attendees, where professional networking is fostered.

The M&L facilitators are:

J. Marshall Hughes

Attorney J. Marshall Hughes, cofounder of M&L Legal Marketing and Management, has traveled the country sharing his expertise of law firm management. His enthusiasm for communicating his insight to other law firms has been proven time and time again. His practical insight and modern techniques have been recognized by his peers. Mr. Hughes’s vision and experience has given him an advantage in law firm marketing and management.

Lee Coleman

Attorney Lee L. Coleman, cofounder of M&L Legal Marketing and Management, knows the importance of a strong management and marketing team. He has organized and developed numerous personal injury seminars to contribute his skills in running a successful law firm. He has facilitated roundtable sessions for personal injury lawyers from across the country helping them develop the necessary skills for leading a thriving law firm. With more than 25 years of business experience, Mr. Coleman combines realistic knowledge with everyday practicality to give you the best of his experience.