About Us

In 1992 Attorneys J. Marshall Hughes and Lee Coleman began hosting the M&L Legal Marketing and Management seminars. The goal of these meetings is to provide an atmosphere conducive to the open exchange of information of personal injury law firms. Over the years the seminar has grown from an initial attendance of six progressive lawyers to the present, where there are more than 30 firms from across the country represented.

The goal of M&L Legal Marketing and Management continues to be to allow only one firm from each marketplace to attend our seminars. By offering this limited forum, we hope to foster an open exchange of information. While it has become more difficult to achieve this goal in today’s era of expanding law firms and multiple offices, we will continue to make every effort to honor our commitment to market exclusivity.

Whether you are a marketing and advertising icon or someone who is new to the marketing game, we believe you will benefit from the information available to you at the Legal Forum. Prepare to learn great advertising ideas and learn from some of the best legal marketers in the country. In addition to revolutionary marketing ideas, speakers at our legal forums impart essential information you need for your law firm. State of the art technology concepts and instruments are discussed to keep you ahead of your competition.  Discover new computer and case management strategies to increase efficiency and profits.

Most of all, recognize new and valuable information that will improve your firm’s performance, and in turn lead to maximum profitability – the goal of today’s lead law firms. If you want to learn more, gain new networking associates, and be in the forefront of today’s legal marketing and management, then M&L Legal Forum is the place you need to be!  Submit your request for registration TODAY!