About Us

We will continue to make every effort to honor our commitment to market exclusivity.

About The Event

The goal of M&L Legal Marketing and Management meetings is to provide an atmosphere conducive to the open exchange of information of personal injury law firms. Our goal continues to allow only one firm from each marketplace to attend our seminars. By offering this limited forum, we hope to foster an open exchange of information. We will continue to make every effort to honor our commitment to market exclusivity.

  • Open to personal injury law firms of all sizes.

  • Restricted to one law firm per advertising which eliminates competitors from attending. Exceptions granted only with consent of original attending firm.

  • Two meetings, Winter and Summer, each year held in amazing locations.

  • Topics that actually benefit PI firms.

  • Nationwide network of referral firms and friends.

M&L and You

If you want to hear from the innovators in law firm marketing and management, then the M&L Legal Forum is for you! The Forum consists of three days of roundtable discussions, guest speakers and group activities. Not only do you learn the secrets of some of the most successful personal injury firms in the country, but you also have several networking opportunities for one-on-one exchanges.


J. Marshall Hughes

Attorney J. Marshall Hughes, cofounder of M&L Legal Marketing and Management, has traveled the country sharing his expertise of law firm management. His enthusiasm for communicating his insight to other law firms has been proven time and time again. His practical understanding and modern techniques have been recognized by his peers. Mr. Hughes’s vision and experience have given him an advantage in law firm marketing and management.

Lee L. Coleman

Attorney Lee L. Coleman, cofounder of M&L Legal Marketing and Management, knows the importance of a strong management and marketing team. He has organized and developed numerous personal injury seminars to contribute his skills in running a successful law firm. He has facilitated roundtable sessions for personal injury lawyers from across the country helping them develop the necessary abilities for leading a thriving law firm. Mr. Coleman combines realistic knowledge with everyday practicality to give you the best of his experience.